Your profile is your fellow members’ first impression of you. That’s one reason why one of the first things you should consider is setting your profile picture. To do so, start by clicking the circular icon next to your username in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. This is the fasted way to get to your profile page. Alternatively, you can also get to your profile page by clicking your username; this will open up a dropdown menu, from which you would need to select Profile.




From your profile page, you can update your status, add a photo, post content, and more. You’ll notice that you can also check your messages, review your friends list, groups, discussion posts, and your karma points. For now, go ahead and select Edit My Profile.


To customize your profile, begin by uploading your photo. The recommended size is 250×250 pixels — anything more or less will not display properly. Check to make sure your name is shown how you want it to display to other users, and add any additional details on this page. It’s up to you how you little or much you want to share. Everything you add on this page will be visible to all other members of the site.

When you’re done click Save Changes.

To link your other social networks to, go to your profile page and click the “Edit My Profile” button. On the edit page, select the “Edit Social Network Links” tab. From there, you can provide your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn profile URLs. After you save your changes, the accounts that you have connected will appear in your profile page next to your picture.