Welcome to the global liberty community!

For all of us here, this is a dream come true. The dream was born just over three years ago. The results are before our eyes.

This fact makes the point. We can do things that change the world. The future can be better than the past. We only need to believe and act.

The internet is the frontier of our times, an infinitely expandable space that gives freedom a second chance. Liberty.me is the most ambitious effort so far to give liberty a home in this new frontier.

There are two mighty parts to Liberty.me.

First, there is the technology. We’ve employed every communication, publishing, and delivery tool currently available. We are using services that have only recently become viable. We’ve wrapped them all up in a suite of services that, so far as we know, exists nowhere else in this combination. Every page asks for your contribution and connects you with others.

Second, there is the philosophy. Liberty is not just an abstraction. It is not only for the realm of thinking. Liberty can be lived. It must be present in our own lives in order to have a fighting chance in the world.

That means practical ideas: using new technologies, pursuing alternative education and healthcare, innovating new systems of money and transportation, staying away from oppressors and escaping them when necessary.

No single idea is the magic bullet. But liberty can be built through a thousand marginal steps forward. The benefits are personal and real. The social results are highly promising.

Liberty.me believes in inspiring these practical ideas toward building freer lives. This approach is both a challenge and an inspiration. It is also somewhat new for our community. The do-it-yourself approach will give rise to glorious things.

So, what can you do on Liberty.me right now?

You can download one of our many Liberty Guides. These are written by experts in various fields. They boil down decades of experience, vast learning, and give practical ways forward. Every one of them will provide practical benefits for your life. You will feel what it is like to take charge of your own liberty.

You can jump into conversations on every topic in Discuss. Together we can crowd-source new ideas.

You can start a new group and invite your friends. You can find Events nearby.

You can also take advantage of our spectacular service of your very own blog. It is not required but it is one of the many great options Liberty.me offers. Think of it as your new home. Write articles. Share the links and the love with your friends, whether they are members or not.

You can get serious and download one of our books. We have over 200 up there now and we’ll be adding more all the time. This is your library of liberty. Don’t read alone! Share your thoughts and questions with others.

Attend a show at Liberty.me LIVE. Join the live chat and ask the hosts questions! Or check out Liberty.me Studio for on-the-go listening! And don’t forget about Create, for when you want to share something beautiful with the community!

Liberty.me undergoes regular updates to keep our community safe, and to stay on the cutting edge. Yes, there may be bugs. Bugs mean that we are developing. Please help us by reporting any and all problems you encounter to support@liberty.me. We are especially interested in your ideas of how to make our home better. Building Liberty.me will take all of us.

This is your community. We’re here for friendship and inspiration.

Together we can do wonderful things!

Jeffrey Tucker

CLO, Liberty.me


The featured image is by Joshua Holden.