Upon login, you may notice your notification bell is lit up in the top right-hand corner of your screen or mobile device. Ding-dong!

Notification Phone_White Bckgrd

That’s freedom ringing.

The number that appears indicates how many new messages, mentions, and replies have occurred since you last cleared your pending notifications. If you have not altered your default email notification settings, you should receive a no-reply email each time any of the previous occurs.

Note: If you receive an email notification indicating someone on has written or replied to you, you cannot reply directly from your email account, as’s messaging system is internal. You will have to log in to and reply from here.

If you have a new message, the fastest way to get to your messages is to click or tap the active notification bell, and then select the respective notification from the list.





You can also access your messages by clicking or tapping your avatar, or image placeholder, just to the left of the notification bell, and then selecting Messages from the dropdown menu.

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This will take you to your Messages tab on your profile page. You’ll also be able to start a new message from your profile page.







On the Messages tab on your profile page, you will immediately see any messages that have been sent to you.


From here, you can choose to view a message by either clicking or tapping on its subject, or the corresponding envelope icon. You can also delete read or unwanted messages from here by clicking or tapping the bin icon.





Clicking or tapping Sent below the Messages tab on your profile page will list all messages you have written to other members. You will also have the options to delete or view each.


Note: Deleting your copy of a message that has already been sent will not erase it from the recipient’s inbox. Be sure to review before sending!





Choosing Compose under the Messages tab on your profile page will allow you to write messages to other members.


Note: You cannot send messages directly to an email address. However, an email notification will be sent to the recipient’s email address associated with their profile. If they don’t have a profile, you cannot contact them via our messaging system.

You can address your message to someone in your friends list or to another member on the site by typing their username into the Send to field.

Note: Having trouble finding a username? Not to be confused with display names, usernames can easily be found in the url on profile pages. For example, a username will be listed at the end of a link:

Next, create a subject. You can compose your message in the field below that. Once you’re happy with your letter, click the green Send Message button below. You can now view your message by selecting Sent.

Note: Need advice for writing a good message? Check out this article for some tips and pointers.





Mentions occur whenever someone puts the @ symbol before your username, like this: @randomusername

To grab another member’s attention, you can mention them in the social feed, in an article reply, or on the discussion forums. There are a few ways to check if anyone has mentioned you.

New mentions will be listed under the notification bell. If you have cleared your notification list, you can still find all previous mentions on your profile page. To view these, click or tap your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of your screen or mobile device.

Once you are on your user page, choose Mentions under the default Home tab. This will then display every instance where someone has mentioned you. From here, you can either appreciate or remove these mentions from your mentions list.







Click your username in the upper right-hand corner of your screen (if you’re on mobile, tap on your avatar). Then select Account from the dropdown menu. This will take you to your ACCOUNT page where you can change the email address associated with your account.


To change your email address, simply type it in the Account Email field and click or tap the green Saves Changes button below. Entering a new email address will update the destination of future email notifications, unless you have already disabled notifications to your email address.





Follow the directions listed in the first step above, but instead of staying on the ACCOUNT page, select the EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS page. This is where you’ll be able to customize your email notifications. You can enable or disable email notices for mentions, LIVE events, and more! When you’re happy with your choices, click or tap the green Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.


Note: If you have additional questions about messages or email notifications, please contact our support team at



The featured image and illustrations are by Josh Holden.